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Equine Client Evening – 14th November 2018

FREE EQUINE CLIENT EVENING Wednesday 14th November 2018 Barton Grange Hotel,  746-768 Garstang Rd, Barton, Preston PR3 5AA 7pm for 7.30pm start Join the Oakhill Equine Team and our guest speaker Fernando Malalana on to explore the topics of: Horse eyes:  What’s normal, what can go wrong and what can be fixed? Fernando Malalana, DVM GPCert(EqP) […]

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Winter series: Impactions

Colic is a collection of clinical signs shown by a horse indicating abdominal discomfort. We see an increase in colic’s due to impactions during the winter months. Impactions of the gastro intestinal tract commonly occur at the pelvic flexure. The pelvic flexure is a part of the large colon which turns 180 degrees on itself […]

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Winter Series: Mud Fever

Mud fever, also known as greasy heel syndrome but correctly termed pastern dermatitis, is an infection of the skin usually of the pastern. The bacteria causing the infection can be from the environment or living on the skin itself and will gain entry due to an injury to the skin surface. It more commonly affects […]

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No EYE in team

Rags’ owner had noticed that his right eye looked a little swollen and weepy and over the course of the day it also became cloudy. With concern, his owner called Oakhill Equine Vet, Stuart Davies, to get Rags thoroughly checked. Rags’ right eye was partially closed (blepahrospasm) and his right pupil was very small – […]

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Dangers of over-rugging

Horses like humans have a temperature range with which they don’t have to expend energy to lose or gain body heat. This range is 5-25 degrees celsius. Horses have adapted to maintain their body temperature within this range and specifically when temperatures are below 5 degrees, these adaptations include:   When we feel cold horses […]

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Filly runs into arena wall

*Warning – contains graphic images of injury* A few weeks ago, Equine Vet, Hattie Barnes was called out to a 3 month old filly that had unfortunately run into an arena wall. As you can see from the photograph, the wound was very large but thankfully superficial. Hattie sutured the wounded and placed a drain […]

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