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Free* ACTH tests are back for 2019

Testing for PPID in your horse or pony

A few years ago PPID or Equine Cushing’s Disease was considered a rare hormonal disease in horses. Now it is thought to affect over 20% of horses over the age of 15 and is a condition recognised almost daily in equine veterinary practice.

Past ‘Talk about Laminitis’ test results show that you should look out for any of these clinical signs in your horse:

  • Laminitis
  • Abnormal or delayed moulting
  • Muscle wastage
  • Periorbital fat (fat round the eyes)
  • Increased drinking and urinating

In 2017, thousands of laminitic patients benefitted from PPID being ruled in or out of their condition during the Talk About Laminitis campaign, as a result, the Talk About Laminitis campaign will continue offering FREE* ACTH lab testing during 2019

You can claim your complimentary testing voucher code by visiting

If your horse is already on Prascend, you may be eligible for a free monitoring test (lab fees only). You can generate your voucher code for this by visiting the link above.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This free ACTH test voucher code is for the laboratory fees for a blood ACTH test only.
  • Each voucher is only redeemable against an ACTH blood test where the patient has not been previously diagnosed with PPID
  • Full T&Cs can be found below at
  • Oakhill blood sampling fee, visit fee and postage still apply.

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