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Equine Care Plans

Making year round preventative healthcare convenient and affordable

A range of benefits, your choice of plan

You can’t put a price on the love you have for your horse… but over the years, the cost of owning them can add up. That’s why, with our Equine Care Plans, you get a range of treatments and benefits from just £7.10 a month. And above all, the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing everything to look after your horse’s health.

Designed with owners in mind our range of plans enable you to spread the cost of your horse’s routine veterinary care over the course of the year with one monthly payment. In addition, you will receive various discounts depending on the plan you have selected for your horse.

All weights
£7.10 per month
<300kg – £11.50
301-575kg- £13.80
576+kg – £14.90
<300kg – £23.00
301-575kg – £25.00
576+kg – £27.00
Annual health checkYesYesYes
Annual vaccinationYesYesYes
Annual dental examinationYesYesYes x2
10% off all primary vaccination coursesYesYesYes
Telephone adviceYesYesYes
Use of the weighbridge at Oakhill (by appointment)YesYesYes
Discount off all visits10%10%20%
Annual Worming ProgrammeYesYes
Discount off prescribed Prascend, Danilon, Equipalazone & Oral Gastric Ulcer medicines10%20%
Discount off Xrays, endoscopy & ultrasound imaging10%10%
Discount off fly repellents, supplements & dressings15%20%
A blood test for ACTH (Cushings)Yes
An annual blood biochemistry screeningYes
A free repeat prescription checkYes

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