When the time comes

It is our aim to make this difficult time as calm, pain free and humane as possible.

A peaceful ending

Putting an animal to sleep is not an easy topic to talk about or even think about. For many it is like losing a member of the family. Providing the right care at the end of a horse’s life is the last and possibly greatest thing we can do for them.

Although unpleasant, it is a good idea to plan ahead in order to avoid rushed decisions under these most difficult, upsetting circumstances. We are always on hand to discuss even the most distressing topics with you.

It is our aim at the practice to make this difficult time as calm, pain free and humane as possible.

Although there are a couple of ways of putting a horse to sleep, at the practice, we most commonly do this by administering an injection. This is essentially an overdose of an anaesthetic drug. Sometimes a sedative may be given first so that the horse is very relaxed and calm. The horse will first lose consciousness and once this has happened the horse is completely unaware of anything that happens after that.

Many people feel that they want to be with their horse in it’s final moments, this is entirely up to you. The process can be distressing and there is no shame in not being present. Your horse will be in the hands of a professional who has been there many times before.

What happens afterwards?

With this type of euthanasia the horse’s body must be cremated so that it does not enter the food chain. We can arrange collection and disposal of your horse, alternatively, we can put you in touch with the ‘end of life services’ professional that we usually use.

Our experienced team will discuss with you the type of cremation you would like. All of our Equine Support Team are horse owners, so know how upsetting this is for you.

For further advice on Euthanasia please refer to the British Horse Society’s leaflet.