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Colic is a broad term for abdominal pain & generally refers to gastrointestinal tract/gut pain. Clinical signs of colic can include any or a combination of the following:

  • Pawing
  • Flank watching
  • Kicking at belly
  • Repeatedly goes down
  • Rolling
  • Repeatedly stretching out as if to urinate
  • Dog sitting
  • Decreased/absent appetite
  • Decreased/absent droppings
  • Sweating up
  • Lip curling (flehmen)

  If you notice clinical signs of colic, STAY CALM, STAY SAFE, REMOVE FOOD, CALL YOUR VET.

  While waiting for our vet to arrive, follow the advice that your vet has given you. We often ask, that the patient is gently walked (ideally in a sand school), if it is safe to do so.

Remember, 90% of colics are medical and respond to medical treatment.

However, up to 10% are more serious and require more intense management and/or surgery. Early diagnosis and treatment is of paramount importance. Therefore, with colic, don’t take any chances and if at all in doubt, call your vet.