Routine & preventative

Prevention is certainly better than cure, so maintaining your horse’s routine healthcare is an essential and important part of what we do.

Routine & preventative healthcare

Oakhill Equine Vets firmly believe in the old adage “prevention is better than a cure”. Whether your horse is out and about competing, a happy hacker, retired or used for breeding, we place strong emphasis on the importance of preventive medicine for all our patients. Routine preventative healthcare is vitally important to keep them healthy, helping them to live long happy lives.

Horse being vaccinated


Routine vaccination of horses, ponies and donkeys is an essential part of their primary care to prevent some potentially life-threatening diseases.

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Weight management

Weight management

Taking a proactive approach to your horse’s weight management will help protect them from developing weight-related medical conditions and enable accurate worming and administration of other medications.

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Horse with microchip

Microchipping & passports

By law, horses and ponies born since 28 March 2019 must be microchipped by a vet, and have a valid equine passport issued by a recognised horse passport issuing body.

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Our Equine Care Plans have been carefully designed with the cost-conscious owner in mind, enabling you to budget for your horse’s care by spreading the cost over the year.

You get a range of preventative healthcare, treatments and benefits, and regular reminders so that you can proactively organise your horse’s health. Plus, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing everything to look after your horse’s health. All this from only £8.10 a month!

The Plus and Premium plans offer further discounts including 10% – 20% off vets visits and selected treatments and medicines.

Oakhill’s Equine Care Plans are suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys.

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