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Worm control plans

Oakhill’s 12 month, cost effective Equine Worm Control Plan plays an integral part in reducing worm burden in your horses and ponies.

Responsible use of wormers is hugely important to help prevent the development of resistance to the wormers.
Faecal worm egg counts play a vital part in providing information about your horse’s roundworm burden.
Our easy-to-follow Equine Worm Control Plan can be started at any time of year.

Equine Worm Control Plans

A short video of vet Leona demonstrating how to perform the EquiSal Tapeworm Test (saliva test) on the gorgeous Betty.

Equine Worm Control Plan

Click here to download the Equine Worm Control Plan application form or complete the online form below.

If you wish to place a larger order for a yard, please contact the team on 01772 861 300.


To join our Equine Worming Plan, please complete the form below. Alternatively, grab a form next time you visit us or simply call the team on 01772 861 300.

Worm Control Plan Application
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