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Weight clinics



Designed to promote healthy weight in your horses and ponies.

Obesity in horses and ponies is becoming a growing problem. Being over weight can result in horses becoming susceptible to painful conditions such as laminitis, as well as heart, lung and joint conditions.

Taking a proactive approach to the weight management of your horse will enable you to help keep your horse/s in excellent condition. Knowing the weight of your horse also facilitates accurate worming.

While weight tapes will give you a rough idea of your horse’s weight, we often see discrepancies of up to 50kg between weight tape and bridge, which highlights the importance of acquiring an accurate weight using a weigh bridge

Our equine weight clinics are run by experienced Oakhill Equine Vets. 

During the session your horse will be weighed, body condition scored and you’ll be given weight and nutritional advice specific to your horse, by our Equine Vet.



To run a weight clinic on your yard we need a minimum of 5 horses, otherwise visit fees will apply.

To book a weight clinic on your yard, please call our Equine Team on 01772 861300

equine weight clinics

equine weight clinic