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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our equine vets.

Tapeworm testing

The EquiSal Tapeworm Test works like a blood test but, instead, uses saliva that you collect yourself. The test is scientifically proven to diagnose tapeworm burdens with high accuracy – it tells you if your horse has a burden and whether you need to worm or not. To test for tapeworm, all you need to do is collect […]

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Eye problems in horses

We are seeing an exceptionally large increase in the number of horses with eye problems. These problems are including eye ulcers, uveitis, trauma to the eye and conjunctivitis.   Causes Some of these problems are related to flies, causing infection. The bright sunlight that we are currently getting is causing the sensitive areas of the eye […]

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Heat Stroke in Horses

Hot temperatures and high humidity can lead to heat stroke in horses. Heat stroke is a condition that occurs when a horse is unable to lose body heat and its body temperature increases rapidly, which can lead to the respiratory, vascular, nervous and muscular systems to stop working as normal. Therefore, heat stroke must be […]

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During June 2018, you can claim £10 OFF a 1.5kg tub of Equitop Myoplast. Simply click here to download your voucher and present it at the Oakhill practice when purchasing a 1 x 1.5kg tub of Equitop Myoplast between 1st – 30th June 2018. Equitop Myoplast® is a unique and natural supplement for horses, packed with 18 […]

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Annual Equine Client Quiz Night

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Overweight Horses

This year, given our mild, wet summer & autumn months, many of ‘good doers’ are coming into winter overweight. It is of paramount importance that these horses/ponies do not come out of Winter carrying even more weight! We want these horses to have achieved a ‘normal body condition score’ prior to turn out on Spring […]

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