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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our equine vets.

Overweight horses : Health concerns

Horses come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and like humans they can gain weight, which can lead to other health issue. Obesity in the horse world is as common a problem as it is in the human one, with the weight gains occurring when a horse’s nutritional intake exceeds his physical output. […]

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Equine Client Evening 2017

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Dotty- Equine Refferal Clinic

Please note, this post contains graphic content that some readers may find disturbing.  ‘Dotty’, a 5 year old pony was referred to our Equine Referral Clinic for treatment of a severe injury of her right hock. Poor Dotty had been kicked by her field companion, leading to a large flap of skin, under which was […]

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PPID Risk Increase With Age

The risk of developing PPID significantly increases with age. TAL research shows that a horse aged 15-20 is three times more likely to have PPID than a horse under 10. A horse of 20-25 is six times more likely, a horse of 25-30 is 10 times more likely. You can pro-actively identify PPID in your […]

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TALK ABOUT LAMINITIS – FREE CUSHING’S LAB TEST FEE* FOR HORSES Past ‘Talk about Laminitis’ test results show that you should look out for any of these clinical signs in your horse: Laminitis Abnormal or delayed moulting Muscle wastage Periorbital fat (fat round the eyes) Increased drinking and urinating To claim your free Cushing’s lab […]

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Congratulations to our Equine Vet Sam

Huge congratulations are in order for equine vet, Sam Baker. Sam has recently passed her synoptic exam for her designated advanced veterinary practitioner certificate in equine dentistry. Well done Sam!! Sam joined Oakhill in August 2011 after graduating from Liverpool University with her key area of interest being equine dentistry. As well as offering routine […]

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