Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) confirmed in South of England

A notifiable disease called Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) has been confirmed in the South of England, in Dorset, this month.

EVA is a viral disease in stallions and mares which have been mated or inseminated in the past 14 days. It is a highly contagious venereal disease that causes abortion and severe respiratory disease.

Horses can present with flu-like signs and fever but also swelling of the limbs and inflammation around the eyes. In breeding stock it can cause abortion, especially in the second half of pregnancy, and weakness in foals. Whilst it is usually spread by stallions with infected semen, it can also be transferred via respiratory secretions of infected horses.

Good biosecurity is essential in preventing the spread of disease and owners of mares and stallions are advised to have them tested before they use them for breeding.

If you have any questions, our Equine Vets are happy to help and can be contacted at the practice

Further information is available on the BEVA website:

Image source: MSD Animal Health


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