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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our vets.

Fleas: Everything pet owners need to know

Fleas are tiny wingless insects which feed on the bloods of animals, including pets and wildlife. They reproduce very quickly producing hundreds of tiny eggs which quickly cause an infestation in the house. Anyone who has had this problem knows how difficult this can be to clear! They can be very difficult to spot on […]

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Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a respiratory disease that’s highly contagious. You may also hear this disease be referred to as canine infectious tracheobronchitis. The name ‘kennel’ cough can be misleading – in fact your dog doesn’t have to go in kennels to catch the disease. Dogs can spread the disease through contaminated surfaces, shared food/water bowls, […]

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BBQ safety: top tips for pet owners

There’s nothing better than enjoying a barbecue with loved ones during the great British summer. But there are a lot of potential dangers for our much-loved pets that we need to be mindful of. Every summer we see a rise in injuries and poisonings, particularly when the weather is warm and sunny. Swallowing kebab skewers, […]

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Itchy Skin

As warmer weather approaches, a lot of animals may start becoming itchy. If this itching becomes excessive, skin infections and irritation can make your pet miserable. There are many possible reasons for the itch: parasites, bacterial infections and allergic skin disease are some of the main causes, and in some cases all of these may […]

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Pet Dental Health Month

As February was Pet Dental Health Month, we thought we would share some top tips for maintaining your pet’s healthy mouth Although small, your pet’s teeth are a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and just like us, they can benefit from having good oral hygiene. It can be easy to forget about […]

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When to keep dogs on leads

Should dogs be kept on leads all the time?  Whilst it is not necessary to always keep your dogs (or other pets) on leads when out and about, it is wise to be aware of designated areas and pedestrian zones where leads may be required. Another instance requiring lead control, especially important to Oakhill as […]

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