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Looking after your pet in the hot weather

Dogs cannot sweat through the skin, and mainly lose heat through panting – if you imagine wearing a fur coat whilst out on a walk it gives some understanding how easily they can develop heatstroke! So as the temperature rises, it’s important to make sure your pets are kept cool and comfortable. There are lots […]

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Heat stroke in dogs

As humans, we tend to embrace the sunshine and warmer weather that the summer months bring us. However, enjoying these warmer temperatures can quickly become very dangerous for our four-legged friends. Dogs lack the amount of widespread sweat glands that humans possess; only having sweat glands in their feet and around their nose. Therefore, they […]

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An Easter Warning

As Easter is approaching we will be enjoying the treats and flower that this encompasses however dogs and cats can become very ill if they ingest or come into contact with certain things. Chocolate During Easter we all enjoy eating some (a lot of) chocolate. Whilst for us it is a delectable treat, for dogs […]

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Alabama Rot: Confirmed case in Preston but owners advised to stay calm but vigilant.

The disease, which causes ulcers on the skin and kidney failure, has reportedly resurfaced in Preston. Anderson Moores Vet Specialists have confirmed three new cases of the deadly dog disease have been found in the UK, with one case in Preston. Alabama Rot is a potentially fatal disease affecting dogs which has been identified across […]

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Autumn: Seasonal Advice for Your Pets

As the temperature drops and it gets dark earlier during the autumn months, it’s important to keep our pets safe. Below are some seasonal hazards to pets for you to be aware of… 1. Conkers While serious cases of poisoning are rare, ingestion can cause marked gastro-intestinal signs such as drooling, retching, vomiting, diarrhoea and […]

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Conker poisoning in dogs

Conkers (seeds/nuts of the horse chestnut tree), may be synonymous with autumn but did you know that they can pose a serious risk to your dog if ingested. Conkers contain a poison called aesculin which is toxic to dogs. A dog would normally need to ingest several conkers to suffer severe poisoning. Clinical signs are usually seen […]

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