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Seasonal advice for your pets: Spring

Hazards and dangers to look out for in Spring to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Spring hazards to pets for you to be aware of…


Keep all cleaning products of out of the reach of your pets. Some dogs may think the brightly coloured bottles are fun toys to play with.

If you put bleach down the toilet, remember to close the lid and bathroom door.

Oven cleaners and drain cleaners can be especially harmful. Keep your pets out of the room when using these products.

Call us if you think that your pet has consumed any of these!


Lilies are very dangerous to cats. Eating just two or three leaves or drinking from the water from a vase can be potentially fatal. If you ever suspect your cat has eaten, or even licked, a lily seek urgent veterinary advice.

The stalks, flowers and bulbs contain phenanthridine alkaloids which are toxic to cats. The highest proportion is in the bulbs. Eating amaryllis can cause vomiting, changes in blood pressure, tremors and seizures.

Daffodils are synonymous with spring but can be toxic to dogs and cats, particularly the bulbs. The yellow flowers contain a poisonous alkaloid that can trigger vomiting while crystals in the bulbs are severely toxic and can cause serious conditions such as cardiac arrhythmias or respiratory depression.


At Easter there is a lot of exciting food around for us humans, however food such as chocolate (Easter eggs), dried fruit, found in hot cross buns, Easter cakes etc can be highly toxic to pets.

Check out our poisons & hazards page for more information.