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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our vets.

Caring for your pet in their twilight years

Age eventually catches up with us all, including our pets, and although I am sure most of us age gracefully, sometimes problems can become apparent as our twilight years approach. These age-related problems can sometimes be ignored when owners feel their pets are just ‘getting old’ when actually, there is a lot we can do to keep our pets comfortable and happy long into retirement!

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Senior cat care

The four conditions we will talk about are common findings in elderly cats and are often identified by the vet at routine booster and health checks. However, there are also several things you can watch for at home.

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8 simple ways to save money on pet care as the cost of living rises

Having a pet to love and care for is incredibly rewarding, but the cost of your animal companion can also be expensive – especially with energy, fuel and food prices continuing to soar. As a nation of animal lovers, pet owners up and down the UK are feeling the pinch.

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Pet obesity – a national epidemic

Pet obesity came to people’s attention about a decade ago, and statistics undeniably show that obesity is on the rise. It has reached epidemic status in the UK! As veterinarians we are urging pet owners to take excessive weight gain and obesity in pets seriously.

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Christmas food toxic to pets

For us humans, Christmas is a time of over indulgence but did you know that some of our favourite Christmas foods can be dangerous to our pets? Here’s the top ones to watch out for over the festive period.

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Symptoms of eye disease to look out for

We know that eye health is important but how often do you take your pet’s eye health into account? Eye problems are often painful and, if left untreated, may result in sight loss. That’s why understanding the symptoms and getting a vet appointment early is essential.

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