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Vaccinations are strongly recommended as they effectively protect against potentially serious diseases like parvovirus, distemper, and leptospirosis (in dogs), cat flu, feline infectious enteritis and feline leukemia (cats) and myxomatosis and RHD in rabbits, to name just a few.

Not only can regular vaccinations protect your pet’s health, they can also keep the human members of your family healthy as well — some illnesses can also be transferred to humans.

Primary vaccinations in dogs and cats, consist of 2 injections. For dogs the first can be done from 8 weeks of age, followed by the second 2-4 weeks later. For cats the first can be done from 9 weeks, followed by the next, 3-4 weeks after.

Both will need booster vaccinations at 12 month intervals after the primary course of vaccinations.

As well as the usual, primary and booster vaccinations, we also offer kennel cough vaccination and rabies (for those dogs who travel abroad).

For Rabbits we offer the combined Myxomatosis-RHD vaccine, as well as one for the new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease, RHD2.

Some annual vaccinations are included in our 365 Care Plan, which provides year round, preventative healthcare in affordable monthly payments.