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Pre & Post Op Advice

Having an operation can be a stressful time for you and your pet, but here is some information, so that you can prepare.

Before the operation

  • NO FOOD from midnight the previous evening, but allow free access to water. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals do not need to be starved, in fact it may harm them if they are. However, please check with your vet or nurse for specific advice for your pet’s species.
  • If possible please take dogs out to ‘toilet’ prior to your appointment.
  • All cats, dogs and rabbits should have been vaccinated in the last 12 months. If not, please ask, as this can sometimes be carried out at the same time.


On the day

  • You may bring your pet’s favourite bedding or blanket if you wish. Rabbits are ideally brought with a small meal of their usual or favourite food.
  • You will need to wait with your pet until it is checked and admitted. Please inform the Vet or Nurse of any change in your pet’s condition, or if you have any specific worries.
  • You will be required to sign a consent form for the procedure and/or treatment to be carried out.
  • Dogs should be restrained on a secure collar and lead whilst in the surgery. Cats and other small pets must be confined safely in a carrier, basket or box for their own comfort and safety.
  • MICROCHIPPING can be done from £15 and can be carried out painlessly whilst your pet is asleep. Please request this before leaving your pet with us.
  • Payment should be made at the time of collection. Please ask if you have not received an estimate of cost.
  • Insured pets – please bring a completed claim form.

After the operation

  • It is likely that your pet will be quieter than normal and may be happiest left to rest in a warm and comfortable place.
  • Animals should not lick the wound after an operation. We can provide a secure pet shirt or a buster collar to prevent licking.


Operation day (post operation)

  • Leave water readily available
  • A small meal of your pet’s normal food may be given but do not worry if this is refused.
  • No exercise should be given but dogs should be encouraged to go outside briefly to relieve themselves on a lead. Cats should stay indoors and have a litter tray provided.


In the days following the operation

  • Keep the wound clean and dry and avoid swimming and walks on muddy ground or long wet grass.
  • Appetite should return over the first 1-2 days – please let us know if this doesn’t happen.
  • For dogs, give exercise on the lead only, gradually increasing the number and lengths of walks each day, until your pets settles back to normal. Any special instructions will be given when you collect your pet.
  • Give any medication as directed.
  • The cost of the surgery usually includes a planned post op check up and stitch removal. Further dressings, treatment or complications may incur further charges – please ask if you require an estimate of these costs.