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Pet insurance

If your dog or cat injuries someone or causes an accident, the resulting medical or court costs and claims can be expensive to say the least, so we always recommend pet insurance.

What type of policy?

Many different policies are available and it is important that you read the policy document carefully to be sure it meets your needs: consider the cost of the premiums, the excess you will need to pay and the extent of the cover.

We advise lifelong cover policies as many animals succumb to conditions which require treatment for the rest of their life e.g. allergic skin disease, heart disease, arthritis, epilepsy and diabetes.

Other policies can be:

a) Time capped
i.e. you can only claim for the first 12 months of a condition, and thereafter you are responsible for all treatment costs, which if a problem is diagnosed in early life could amount to a significant cost over a pet’s lifetime. Remember also, at this point it will be very unlikely you will be able to insure your pet for this condition again, with any other insurance company, because it will be pre-existing,

b) Financially capped
i.e. there is a maximum amount the policy will pay out for each condition – and once you have claimed this amount, your pet will no longer be insured for the condition.

You will need to consider carefully which policy may be best for you and your pets.