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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our vets.

Neutering: why your bunny needs it!

Neutering is a surgical procedure, involving a general anaesthetic. Your rabbit will come into the surgery for the day to have the operation, and in most cases will be home the same day. There are several benefits to neutering your rabbits, both from a behavioural and a health point of view. We strongly recommend that all rabbits be neutered.

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Could you meet all the welfare needs of a rabbit?

Rabbits can be affectionate and quickly ingratiate themselves into your home life. Happy bunnies will hop, dance and binky their way into your hearts. But rabbits have complex needs and it’s essential they have enough room to exercise, display normal rabbit behaviour and eat the right diet to stay healthy and happy.

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The importance of vaccines for rabbits

We all want the best for our rabbits, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy. Sadly, a lot of the diseases your rabbit can catch if they aren’t vaccinated can be fatal. So, it’s important to vaccinate your bunnies every year against Myxomatosis and two strains of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD and RVHD2).

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Pet Dental Health Month – Top tips for a healthy smile!

With some figures reporting over 80% of dogs suffer from some kind of gum disease while around 70% of cats are affected by dental disease by the time they are three-years-old knowing how to look after their teeth is an important part of keeping your furry friend healthy.

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Caring for your pet in their twilight years

Age eventually catches up with us all, including our pets, and although I am sure most of us age gracefully, sometimes problems can become apparent as our twilight years approach. These age-related problems can sometimes be ignored when owners feel their pets are just ‘getting old’ when actually, there is a lot we can do to keep our pets comfortable and happy long into retirement!

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Senior cat care

The four conditions we will talk about are common findings in elderly cats and are often identified by the vet at routine booster and health checks. However, there are also several things you can watch for at home.

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