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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our vets.

Symptoms of eye disease to look out for

We know that eye health is important but how often do you take your pet’s eye health into account? Eye problems are often painful and, if left untreated, may result in sight loss. That’s why understanding the symptoms and getting a vet appointment early is essential.

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Preparing your pet for firework’s season

Fireworks can cause stress, anxiety, and even aggression in pets. Unfortunately the ‘fireworks’ season is no longer confined to just 31st Oct and seems to get longer each year! Keep reading for advice on how to prepare your pet for fireworks.

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Keeping your pet safe at Halloween

For us humans Halloween may be a fun, sweet-fuelled event but Halloween can be a scary time of year for pets. Unexpected knocks at the front door and people dressed in costumes can be confusing and frightening for them. Read our top tips to keep your dog safe and happy this Halloween whilst still enjoying the excitement yourself (if you want!).

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Poisonous toxins to be aware of on Autumn dog walks

Autumn is the season for muddy woodland walks, kicking through piles of crunchy golden leaves and wrapping yourself up, ready to battle the wet and windy weather. Although autumnal walks with your dog can be beautiful, it’s important to be aware of the seasonal dangers that could be harmful to them.

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The dangers of heatstroke – Don’t leave dogs in hot cars

What dogs are at risk? All dogs of all sizes and ages. Overweight or short-nosed dogs such as Bulldogs and Pugs being at higher risk. Why can’t my dog cool himself down? Unlike humans, dogs are unable to sweat efficiently, and rely on panting to help cool themselves. When is it too hot to leave […]

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Understanding Lungworm in dogs

What is lungworm? Lungworm is an emerging parasite that affects dogs in the UK. It has become very common in Southern England and South Wales and cases are increasingly occurring in Northern England and Scotland. This is a potentially fatal disease so something we all need be aware of. Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a parasite […]

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