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The importance of regular health checks for your dog

Owning a dog is great fun and immensely rewarding, but they’re also a big responsibility. Although you get to know and understand different aspects of their behaviour and their day-to-day routines, it isn’t always obvious to know if your dog is ill, it’s even harder to spot any potential dog health problems. Most people don’t […]

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Cat Poisoning

Permethrin toxicity remains one of the most common causes of poisoning in cats, and yet many owners don’t know what it is. Permethrin is an insecticide commonly found in over the counter ‘spot-on’ flea treatments for dogs as well as some shampoos and household flea products. In most mammals, permethrin has a good level of […]

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Do you have a brachycephalic dog?

Brachycephalic dog breeds are increasing in popularity, but one thing most new owners don’t realise is that they can be quite a challenge to care for. What is brachycephalia? Brachycephalia means ‘shortened head’ and refers to the dogs flat and wide skull shape. The appearance of the head appears as though the skull has been […]

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The importance of Vaccinations: when should my kitten have its first vaccination?

Bringing a new kitten into your home can be a big step, but also very rewarding. Now you’ve decided you want to share your home with a new kitten, you have on average the next 14 to 15 years with your new feline friend. Over this time frame a lot can happen that can affect […]

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Are jellyfish stings dangerous to dogs?

On the Lancashire coastline, it’s not uncommon to see jellyfish washed up on the beach. You may approach them to have a closer look, but you generally wouldn’t touch them and neither should your dog! Washed up jellyfish may be dead, but they still have the ability to sting for several weeks. Dogs often like […]

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BUY 3 get 1 FREE on pet parasite products

During July we are offering BUY 3 get 1 FREE on selected small animal parasite products. We currently have selected pet parasite products on a BUY 3 GET 1 FREE OFFER and for July we’ll be adding even more popular products to this great offer. Please contact your Oakhill Veterinary Centre for further details.

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