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Anti-freeze poisoning in pets

As the weather gets colder many of us will use anti-freeze in our car engines, but while it’s convenient for us, it’s also very dangerous to our pets. While many people may think, ‘why would my cat or dog go near anti-freeze?’ well, Ethylene glycol- the main ingredient in most anti-freeze brands has an inviting aroma […]

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Pet Blood Bank – Saturday 6th January

Canine Donor Programme Similar to the human blood service, dog owners kindly register their much loved canine companions to give blood at one of The Pet Blood Bank’s many sessions across the country. After each session, the blood is taken to our processing centre in Loughborough where it is separated into red blood cells and […]

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Keeping chocolate out of reach this Christmas

Christmas is a time where chocolate isn’t usually in short supply and with it being a very busy season, it’s easy to get swept up in the occasion and often forget about leaving advent calendars and chocolate treats lying around, but if your pet does manage to get hold of some chocolate it can endanger […]

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Halloween emergencies: chocolate toxicity in dogs

Although Halloween is an enjoyable holiday and celebration for many, there are an increased number of dangers to pets that are particularly prominent at this time of year. We have discussed chocolate on numerous occasions, however this is the number one toxin that is seen in emergency practices – it is a topic you can […]

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Meet one of our latest patients..

This adorably cheeky kitten is 12 week old Freddie! He recently stayed at our Conway Drive practice after his owners noticed he wasn’t himself after chewing on a children’s toy. After blood tests, medications and fluids he was much brighter but still not back to his normal self and an ultrasound revealed a blockage in his intestines. The […]

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Could your pet be affected by pyometra?

Although pyometra is a fairly common condition, many people don’t know what it is. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus (womb), common in female dogs and cats that haven’t been spayed. In dogs, every time they have a season (usually about twice a year) they undergo all the hormonal treatments associated with pregnancy, regardless […]

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