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Here are some tips to keep your pet safe while you are enjoying your sausages and steak!!


  • Keep your pet away from the BBQ – pets could sustain burns from jumping up/on a hot BBQ.


  • Hot food swallowed whole can cause serious issues such as stomach ulcers.


  • Kebab skewers, ribs, bones and corn on the cob can splinter, cause obstruction or puncture the digestive tract if ingested.


  • Party food is not for pets. Foods high in fat can cause inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) a very painful, and sometimes even fatal condition. Also, remember that onions (and members of the onion family) are toxic to dogs.


  • Store rubbish out of pets reach. Your pet will consider leftovers or rubbish such as aluminium foil or plastic wrap a tasty treat when covered in grease but these can be very dangerous if eaten.


  • Alcoholic drinks should be kept out of pets reach.


  • If you’re planning to spruce up your garden for the occasion, make sure you know which plants are poisonous to your pet.


  • Parties can be a busy time with visiting friends, so make sure your pet doesn’t make an escape in the commotion.

If your pet suffers burns or consumes something they shouldn’t, call your vet immediately. Click here for our branch contact details and opening times.