Good Dental News

We have some Good Dental News for you all!! But first we would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank-you for your patience and co-operation during this time where our services have been limited due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

We are now, under our governing body guidelines, able to perform routine dentistry providing social distancing guidelines are adhered to. The specific requirements for social distancing is assessed on an individual basis. However this is likely to involve two of our staff members attending appointments for multiple horses to have routine dentistry performed. This will enable us to maintain social distancing for the time required to perform the procedures to a high standard. 

As you will appreciate this will require some prior planning! We kindly ask that if any of you would like a routine dental to be performed on your horse, that you book onto a yard visit well in advance to facilitate these new guidelines. In addition, we will ideally be performing multiple ‘routine dentals’ at once in order to maximise the efficiency of the procedure. For this reason it would be especially helpful if yards could co-ordinate prior to booking individual appointments.  

We will inevitably have some catching up to do, and therefore appreciate your patience at this time. If your horse has a more urgent requirement for dental care, please do not hesitate to contact us for an immediate appointment as it is important these horses are seen quickly.

We look forward to getting back on the horse, or in its mouth, as it were!

Thanks for your ongoing support.
The Oakhill Equine Team.


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