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Is my horse’s poor ridden performance due to discomfort?

We’ve all been there! Feeling frustrated that your horse won’t pick up the correct canter lead, or does he/she disunite behind in canter? Will your horse perform lateral work happily one way and not the other way? Does it struggle to use it’s hindlimbs correctly to provide power to the gait? Or does it have […]

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Equine Vaccine update

New year, a fresh start. What better time to check our horses vaccinations and ensure they are up to date. Vaccination seems to be the word of 2021 but sometimes the information surrounding them can be overwhelming. Vaccines are important not only for preventing diseases but also for slowing disease transmission and reducing the severity […]

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Heather Stephenson Bio

Growing up in Manchester I spent all my free time at my local riding school, and I was extremely fortunate to have my own horse and supportive patients who gave up their weekends to take me showjumping. This hobby soon developed into my passion, and after completing a BSc Equine Science (Hons) with Hartpury College, […]

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Infundibular caries treatment in the horse – Fillings!!

Bonita is a lovely, 21 year-old Welsh Cross mare whose owners ensure that her teeth are regularly examined and floated. Several years ago it was noted that her 209 and 109 (4th cheek tooth back on the upper right and left side) suffered from a condition known as infundibular caries. There are two infundibula in […]

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Equine Lice

Our horse’s thicker and longer coats over the winter months becomes an ideal breeding ground for lice, especially when we then cover them in a warm rug. The life cycle of the louse is complete within 4 weeks and eggs hatch 10 days after being laid. Eggs or nits are small (1mm), yellow-white in colour and […]

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Regenerative therapy

Lameness is a pain-avoidance strategy adopted by horses, and is a common cause of poor athletic performance and compromised welfare.  Whatever the precise cause of pain (e.g. osteoarthritis,  tendon injury), that pain is caused by inflammation.  Inflammation is the cascade of chemical and cellular events that occurs following any type of tissue damage. By causing pain it alerts […]

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