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Stay informed with our topical articles, all written by our equine vets.

Preventing gastric ulcers

Squamous ulceration and glandular ulceration are considered separate disease entities and whilst the risk factors for squamous ulceration are well publicised, further research is required for glandular ulcerative disease. By knowing the risk factors for ulcerative disease, we can endeavour to develop prevention strategies. In some horses, it is impossible to ascertain the trigger factor […]

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MRI provides the key to the diagnosis for Toby

Toby, a 7 year-old, Cob cross pony presented to Oakhill with a several week history of mild, right forelimb lameness. Despite a short period of box rest and pain-relief, the lameness did not resolve, and a veterinary opinion was sought. Nikki Platt, our senior lameness veterinary surgeon examined the pony and noted that the pony’s […]

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Why is my horse’s sheath swelling and how can I tackle the winter worm burden in my horse?

To continue our series on Winter medical conditions, in this newsletter, we are going to cover swollen sheaths and worming your horse at this time of year. Swollen Sheaths It is quite common for geldings/stallions to present to us with swollen sheaths over the Winter months. More often than not, sheath swelling results from the […]

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Is my horse’s poor ridden performance due to discomfort?

We’ve all been there! Feeling frustrated that your horse won’t pick up the correct canter lead, or does he/she disunite behind in canter? Will your horse perform lateral work happily one way and not the other way? Does it struggle to use it’s hindlimbs correctly to provide power to the gait? Or does it have […]

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Equine Vaccine update

New year, a fresh start. What better time to check our horses vaccinations and ensure they are up to date. Vaccination seems to be the word of 2021 but sometimes the information surrounding them can be overwhelming. Vaccines are important not only for preventing diseases but also for slowing disease transmission and reducing the severity […]

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Heather Stephenson Bio

Growing up in Manchester I spent all my free time at my local riding school, and I was extremely fortunate to have my own horse and supportive patients who gave up their weekends to take me showjumping. This hobby soon developed into my passion, and after completing a BSc Equine Science (Hons) with Hartpury College, […]

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