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Iris cysts

Iris cysts are a common finding in the equine eye. More often than not, they do not cause any issues and are an incidental finding. Some; however, can grow to a size where they begin to affect a horse’s vision.

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Breeding season is in full swing and the team have been busy seeing lots of beautiful mares and foals. Planning on breeding your mare? Read on!

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Has your horse got itchy skin?

Horses with allergic skin disease can present with itchiness or hives or both itchiness and hives together. Sometimes it is easy to identify the trigger but more often than not, the cause is not easy to find.

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Dental Case Report

Isabel presented to Stuart after her owners noticed that she had separated from her field mates. Once brought into the stable she was quidding and unable to eat haylage.

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Respiratory tract health

Does your horse cough at the beginning of an exercise session? Do you often find accumulations of mucus outside your horse’s stable door? These subtle signs can indicate lung inflammation.

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What is MRI used for?

The scanner is specifically designed to image the lower limb in the standing horse, as this is the most common site of lameness.  It has revolutionized our understanding of the structures of the hoof, and we can now differentiate between the multiple conditions that were encompassed as ‘navicular syndrome’.

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