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Our Equine Care Plans provide year round preventative healthcare for your horse or pony, in affordable and easy monthly payments.

Is your horse on the plan?

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Our Equine Care Plans (ECP) start from £7.10/month, and are an effective way to save money, and spread the cost of your horse’s routine healthcare.

Many different clients, from individual horse owners to large professional yards, appreciate the simplicity of a predictable monthly direct debit.

At the introductory level, the plan includes an annual health check, annual vaccination and an annual routine dental with sedation. Coupled with this is a 10% discount on visits (including out of hours), and 10% off the primary vaccination course. At £7.10 a month, this is fantastic value with a considerable saving compared to paying for each part individually!

The next level, ECP Plus, includes the above and the annual worming plan. The worming plan is reviewed annually by our vets to keep it up to date, and is designed to target the common and problematic parasites we see. It includes faecal worm egg counts throughout the grazing season, a tapeworm saliva test and a winter wormer. As an added bonus, if the worm egg count is high, additional wormers are included for no extra cost! The plan is designed to reduce the use of wormers in horses which don’t require them (minimising the risk of wormer resistance forming), whilst also ensuring that those which need additional worming treatment are detected. If this wasn’t enough? The ECP Plus includes 10% off common oral medications1, 10% off investigations such as x-ray, ultrasounds and endoscopy, and 15% off fly repellants, supplements and bandaging materials.

The top level is the ECP Premium. This is especially useful for older horses, or those on long term medications. On top of the benefits described above, it includes two dentals a year, an annual blood sample, an annual Cushings test, and an annual prescription check. It also includes 20% off visits, oral medications1, and fly repellants/supplements/bandages.

So what medications do the discounts apply to? The discounts are for Danilon, Equipalazone (bute), Prascend and oral ulcer medications. Once these discounts have been applied, the price can be more competitive than online pharmacies.

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Annual Health Check
Annual Vaccination
Annual Dental Examination ✓ x 2
10% off all primary vaccination courses
% Discount off all visits 10% 10% 20%
FREE Telephone Advice
Annual Worming Programme
% off prescribed Prascend, Danilon, Equipalazone & Oral Gastric Ulcer medicines. 10% 20%
% off Xrays, endoscopy & ultrasound imaging 10% 10%
% of fly repellents, supplements & dressings 15% 20%
A blood test for ACTH (Cushings)
An annual blood biochemistry screening
A free repeat prescription check
Free use of the weigh bridge at Oakhill by appointment.

All weights

£7.10 per month

<300kg - £11.50

301-575kg- £13.80

576+kg – £14.90

<300kg - £23.00

301-575kg – £25.00

576+kg – £27.00

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