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Specialised veterinary treatment for your exotic animals from our highly experienced team, with qualifications in zoological medicine and exotic pet care.

Veterinary care for your exotic

Treating all species from parrots to pythons, our vets have extensive experience and provide a friendly, knowledgeable, and caring service for your animals. Exotics we treat include:
  • Small mammals e.g. rabbits and mice.
  • Avian pets e.g. parrots and poultry.
  • Reptiles e.g. lizards and tortoises.
  • Invertebrates e.g. spiders and snails.
  • Zoo animals.

Exotic veterinary services

Vet and nurse services available for exotic animals are:
  • Routine consultations and health checks, including husbandry reviews
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgery, both elective and emergency procedures
  • Dental care and treatments, including dental X-ray
  • Medical investigations (X-rays, ultrasound, ECG, blood pressure monitoring)
  • Disease workups (blood sampling, imaging, faecal parasite screens)
  • Microchipping
  • Beak burring, claw clipping
  • Neutering
  • Microscopy including skin investigations, cytology, faecal analysis
  • Exports

Facilities and expertise


Because exotic species often show non-specific signs of illness, other methods are often necessary to diagnose and treat them. We have the facilities to perform digital X-rays, ultrasound scans and we utilise small video-endoscopic cameras to view and take samples from the internal organs.

In patient

Cases needing to be admitted for investigations are housed in our dedicated exotics ward, where we have a range of viviaria and kennels to allow us to cater for a range of species and their individual requirements. To assist in the road to recovery of your exotic, we have created a minimal stress environment.

Surgery and anaesthesia

Due to their size and unique requirements, special equipment and expertise is required to safely anaesthetise and perform surgery on exotics. With extensive cross species experience, modern equipment and vets trained in exotic anaesthesia and surgery, we can successfully anaesthetise birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and exotic mammals.

Referrals and second opinions

We are happy to see cases for both referrals and second opinions. We will need to contact your usual vet directly to be able to have access to the relevant medical information about your exotic pet. Referring vets please email to refer a case to us.