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Preventative healthcare for your pets

Preventative healthcare is something we find very important at Oakhill, as it is often far easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it, and prevention of disease is likely to extend the lifespan of your pet.

Routine preventative healthcare includes:


Puppies and kittens need a vaccine course to protect them against several serious diseases, and then a yearly booster to keep them protected. As they get older, their immune system stops working as well therefore it is just as important to keep their annual vaccinations up to date.

It is also recommended that dogs have kennel cough vaccinations, especially if they mix regularly with groups of dogs, for example, in kennels or shows.

Rabbits also should also have yearly vaccinations to protect them against several fatal diseases.

The clinical examination that the vet performs on your pet at each vaccination will help to pick up things such as cataracts, dental disease, cancerous lumps or heart murmurs, often before they cause any symptoms.

Parasite treatment

Parasites are another common problem better prevented than treated after a problem occurs.

Intestinal worms – roundworms or tapeworms, are picked up in the environment, or can be ingested when hunting. These parasites can cause weight loss and intestinal damage in dogs and cats, but eggs and larvae can also be ingested by children and cause health issues such as blindness, so it is very important that routine preventative treatment is carried out on your pet.

Lungworm is a parasite picked up from licking or eating infected slugs or snails. This migrates to your pets lungs, causing breathing problems, and can be fatal if left untreated.

We recommend worming with an appropriate veterinary product 2 weekly until 12 weeks of age, monthly until 6 months, then every 3 months.

Fleas are found in every environment, and multiply rapidly, especially in our centrally heated homes. They cause skin irritation and disease, and worryingly, by the time you see them on your pet, the population in the environment is likely to be large. Regular flea treatment prevents this from happening.

Ticks can attach to your pet when out on a walk, especially as they run through long grass. They feed on blood, but can also spread diseases by passing them from animal to animal when they bite them. People can also catch some of these diseases, so it is important to check your pet regularly and treat them to avoid ticks being brought into your home.

Mites and lice are another parasite that can cause mild to severe skin disease.


Having your dog, cat or rabbit neutered (speyed or castrated) prevents many diseases and problems such reproductive infections, unplanned pregnancy, mammary (breast) and testicular cancer and prostate disease. Book an appointment with one of our team if you would like to discuss neutering further in regards to your pet.

The 365 Care Plan (https://www.oakhill-vets.com/365careplan/ 1)

We are pleased to offer a care plan to make sure your pet gets the preventative care they need. It includes one annual booster vaccination , and regular parasite treatment. It also includes a 6 monthly vet health check, and anal gland expression and nail clips are free (with a nurse). We have designed the plan to make sure it protects your pet, but also saves you money. It gives the option of monthly instalments or annual payment and 10% off all other treatments including neutering.

If you would like to find out more about the 365 plan, or would like to discuss any preventative treatment with our team please ring the practice and we will be happy to help. 

  1. https://www.oakhill-vets.com/365careplan/
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