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Keeping your pets safe this Easter

safe easter pets

Keeping your pets safe this Easter

After a long cold winter this year, spring definitely can’t come soon enough. But as we look forward to the longer days and the warmer months, it’s important to remember that spring can bring some unwanted danger to our pets.


With bank holidays, chocolates and hopefully warmer weather, Easter is often a good time to relax. For people with dogs, this time of year is also great for long walks, but Easter can be potentially more dangerous to dogs due to the amount of chocolate involved.

Dogs like to get their paws on any food in sight, and unfortunately chocolate is one of these foods. However chocolate is toxic to our dogs. Dogs should never be given chocolate, or have access to any, this includes those hidden gems on a Easter egg hunt.

If you set up an Easter egg hunt for your children in your home or garden, make sure that you know where they’re all hidden. It’s easy to hide lots of eggs and forget about where some of them are hidden, but your dogs nose will find them easy enough. If possible, places all chocolates and eggs on the Easter egg hunt in Tupperware or boxes to prevent your dog finding them before the kids.

It’s not just the chocolate eggs that you should keep an eye on either! Boiled eggs can cause an upset stomach and constipation in your pet, especially if they eat the shells as well. If a dog consumes an egg whole, surgery may be needed to keep it from blocking the intestinal tract.

Plastic eggs pose as serious risk as well, mainly because if consumed they can’t be digested. While it may be possible for it to pass through the digestive system, it can also get stuck and cause damage requiring surgery.


Daffodils are usually a great indication that spring has finally arrived as they’re prolific around spring / Easter time.

While dogs don’t usually pay attention to them, the bulbs of the Daffodil can be toxic if ingested. This is important if your dog likes to dig around the garden and uproot your flower garden.

Lilies are very popular around Easter, however every part of the lily is highly toxic to pets especially cats. Easter lilies and other lilies can be toxic to cats, causing kidney failure and death. All parts of the lily can be toxic, and eating just one leaf can result in severe poisoning. If you think your cat has eaten a lily, contact your vet immediately.

Other foods

Chocolate isn’t the only food your dog needs to avoid, other popular Easter food like Simnel cake and other Easter cakes / food like Hot Cross Buns usually contain raisins and sultanas, both of which are toxic to dogs, along with other products of the grape family. Therefore, do not let your dog have a bite of these foods as a treat.

Synthetic grass

Easter grass, like holiday tinsel, can be tempting to pets and dangerous if ingested causing intestinal trouble. The long, thin strings can cause “intussusception”, a bunching-up of the intestines, which requires surgery.