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The dangers of heatstroke – Don’t leave dogs in hot cars

What dogs are at risk?

All dogs of all sizes and ages. Overweight or short-nosed dogs such as Bulldogs and Pugs being at higher risk.

Why can’t my dog cool himself down?

Unlike humans, dogs are unable to sweat efficiently, and rely on panting to help cool themselves.

When is it too hot to leave my dog in the car?

Even if the weather looks cloudy, leaving your dog alone in the car is VERY DANGEROUS and CAN LEAD TO DEATH, even if windows are left open.

If the temperature outside is 22°C, the temperature inside the car can reach as high as 47°C within 60 minutes.

TOP TIPS – How to keep safe in the heat with your dog:

✅ NEVER leave your dog alone in a car, conservatory or caravan – even if the weather looks cloudy⁠
✅ When travelling in the car with your dog have the temperature set to cool, and open windows where necessary to allow a fresh flow of air⁠
✅ Always carry water with you and when out and about on walks, offer a drink of water regularly⁠
✅ Seek shaded spots to allow your dog chance to cool down⁠
✅ Don’t allow your dog to exercise excessively on hot days⁠
✅ Give fluffy or longhaired breeds a short haircut to keep them cool⁠