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Should dogs be kept on leads all the time? 

Whilst it is not necessary to always keep your dogs (or other pets) on leads when out and about, it is wise to be aware of designated areas and pedestrian zones where leads may be required.

Another instance requiring lead control, especially important to Oakhill as we have a farm vet team, are areas where livestock are present – on farms, in the countryside or on a local ramble through the fields. An NSA (National Sheep Association) survey showed that there was a 67% increase of people witnessing an dog attack on sheep during COVID. (

As stated in the survey, ‘more than half of all respondents had experienced abuse or intimidation when personally asking dog owners to put their pet on a lead.’ 

Land managed or owned by farmers will have footpaths clearly signposted and most will also have signs showing where livestock may be free roaming. Being aware of these signs means we can both allow our pets to enjoy their walks and protect other animals.