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Export certification

Whatever your food or animal product and wherever you want to send it to, we can advise and help you obtain the correct export health certificate. One of our export vets will check your products and then sign and stamp the certificate.

Export Health Certificates

An Export Health Certificate (EHC) is an official UK Government document, issued by APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency), signed by an official veterinarian (OV), that confirms that certain food or animal products meet the import requirements of another country.

The EHCs are issued by the Centre for International Trade in Carlisle – a division of APHA, which itself, is an executive agency of DEFRA.

With over 1,500 different EHCs available, covering over 130 individual countries – all unique and specific to a certain country and product – the world of export can be overwhelming.  That’s where our expertise can help!

Certificate categories

Meat/meat products

Poultry, lamb, beef, pork, goat, venison


Fresh and frozen fish and fish products, molluscs, fish oils


Milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, baby foods, cooking sauces


Eggs and egg products

Pet foods

Animal feeds and fish bait

Gelatin and collagen

Casings and capsules

Export certification process

To export food and other animal products from the UK follow these steps:

  1. Establishing the requirements – The first step is to contact the Centre for International Trade to find if the product can be exported to the intended country and what requirements need to be met.
  2. Applying for your certificate – Once this has been established and the requirements have been met for the product, a certificate can be applied for and you need to nominate your official veterinarian (OV).
  3. Inspection – The certificate is sent to your OV and you will need to arrange a suitable time with them to inspect the product and check any documentation relating to production, processing or product handling.
  4. Certification – Following a satisfactory inspection we as official veterinarians will sign and stamp the certificate. Aa copy is taken by us whilst you retain the original for export.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or need help with the application process please contact the product export team today.