Investors In The Environment Bronze Award


Last year, Oakhill Vets started our journey working towards ‘bronze’ accreditation with Investors in the Environment (iiE).

Investors in the Environment is a national sustainability accreditation that supports organisations to develop an ‘environmental management system’ that focuses on four key areas of sustainable development: Leadership and Governance, Climate Change, Nature and Natural Resources, and Pollution and Waste.

Being kind to the environment has always been a part of Oakhill’s ethos and working towards iiE accreditation has been a fantastic way to formalise our commitment to the environment. In working towards this accreditation, we wanted to challenge ourselves to make Oakhill’s operations as sympathetic as possible to people and the planet. It has given us the structure to hold ourselves accountable to reducing our carbon footprint and developing sustainable practices.

The accreditation has three levels – bronze, silver, and green. Achieving the bronze award is all about identifying resources that our company is going to measure and creating a base-line-year of data for these resources. As well as this, we needed to radicalise our environmental and sustainability policy, to include bolder aims, create a waste management plan, and produce a robust sustainability action plan, to set out a roadmap to achieving our sustainability goals.

Vet Lisa is the ‘Sustainability Lead’ at Oakhill, and she has been working hard, alongside the project’s sustainability champions, the wider staff team, and our directors, to complete all the necessary work to achieve this accreditation. After a busy period of reporting and planning, Oakhill had its ‘Sustainability Audit’ with the iiE team in October, and we’re very proud to announce that we achieved ‘bronze’ accreditation!

Next steps…

The next step is to begin working towards achieving ‘silver’ accreditation. This will build upon all the work we have done for the bronze accreditation and deepen our commitment to treating the planet with love, turning our sustainability goals into habits and practices. We are looking forward to the challenge!!