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Vet Tech services

Oakhill Farm Vet’s team of Veterinary Technicians provide a comprehensive range of professional livestock services to farms across Lancashire.

Professional Vet Tech services for your farm business

We are aware that farmers like you are getting busier, giving you less time to plan and organise effective health care strategies. Our Vet Tech services are designed to provide a hassle-free way to keep up with regular jobs, such as vaccination, disbudding and data input, ensuring your herd’s health.

Our highly skilled Vet Tech team works alongside our farm vets, providing a unique team approach to preventative herd health. This cost-effective service aims to provide peace of mind and maximise farm productivity.

We have in depth experience working with dairy farmers to assist in all aspects of herd health, which is combined with all the latest equipment and training, to provide an outstanding service on farm.

Vaccine management

Vaccination is a key tool when it comes to protecting your herd’s health. Our Vet Techs implement vaccine management plans, administering routine vaccinations whilst recording key data.

Mobility scoring

Mobility scoring is a useful tool in the early detection of lame cows, meaning treatment can be delivered quickly, maximising the chances of recovery. A detailed report will be left with you on farm, highlighting those cows needing attention.

Growth rate monitoring

Measuring growth rates provides an objective measure of how well your youngstock are performing. You can quickly and easily identify problems, minimise mortality and reduce replacement costs.


Blood and faecal sampling are important tools when it comes to diagnosis, with early diagnosis crucial to reduce clinical disease. Blood sampling calves <7 days of age allows us to assess the level of colostral immunity calves are receiving.


Early and efficient disbudding with appropriate local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory can limit the stress experienced by the calf. Our Vet Techs are available to visit your farm regularly to ensure all disbuds are covered.

Data input

Our Vet Techs are familiar with a variety of on farm software and are available perform data input to help keep records up to date.

Parasite treatments incl. worming

Vet Techs are available to carry out or assist with worming and parasite treatments, providing extra skilled labour when you need it.

Body condition scoring & analysis

Regular body condition scoring is a useful tool to assess the effectiveness of the diet in meeting the requirements of the cow. It allows us to monitor changes over time in a non-invasive way.

Calf Club

Calf Club

The Vet Tech Calf Club is an effective way of covering all the basics when it comes to calf health and regular monitoring. Sign up today for:

  • Welcome Pack
  • Calf rearing process assessment including housing & environment
  • 1-hour FREE vet consultation with calf health feedback
  • Calf club meetings/CPD
  • Weigh all calves aged 1-2 wks & 6-8 wks
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • FREE calf vaccine management
  • Mortality incidence recording
  • Discount on disbudding
  • Benchmarking against other farms
  • Blood sampling to assess colostrum management