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Ram Fertility & MOT

With tupping time approaching it is time to take an important look at your rams. Their performance over a few months of the year will contribute significantly to the profitability of your sheep business over the next 12 months.

Ram fertility testingThe rams will have to work hard during the tupping period and if they’re not on top form fertility is likely to suffer. A general MOT is the best place to start – are the rams healthy and can any problems be corrected? After which, we need to know if they are fertile. Checks need to be made early in the run up to tupping to allow plenty of time to correct any problems.


RAM MOT – the 5 ‘T’s

How to check your ram…

tup testing• TOES

Check his locomotion, arthritis and feet.


Check for under/overshot teeth, gaps and molar abscesses.


Measure and check firmness and for lumps and bumps. 
Did you know that the testicle tone of a healthy ram, should be that of a tensed bicep?


Aim for body condition score of 3.5 – 4.


Vaccinations (Clostridia, Pasteurella, Louping Ill), parasites and lameness.

After a general MOT, we need to know if the ram is fertile….



• EXAMINATION OF GENITALIA – the testes are examined for any abnormalities. Scrotal circumference is measured, when it comes to fertility the bigger the better!


• COLLECTION OF A SEMEN SAMPLE – a semen sample is collected by inserting a probe into the rectum and applying a voltage. This may make your eyes water but causes minimal discomfort.


• EXAMINATION OF SEMEN/SPERM SAMPLE – any abnormalities such as low sperm count, poor swimmers, abnormal sperm and infection can be seen. The sample is examined on site so we can give you an answer straight away.


For more information or to book a ram in for tup testing, please contact the Oakhill Farm Team.




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