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Oakhill Farm Vets Clitheroe

Oakhill Farm Vets Clitheroe

Oakhill Farm Vets Clitheroe:

Improved farm productivity is one of the hot topics in British agriculture following last year’s Brexit referendum. Although the specific details are yet to be ironed out, there are a huge number of potential export markets for British produce. To realise this potential, Lancashire farmers need to boost farm output whilst maintaining a close eye on their cost of production. Animal health is one of the key drivers of efficient farm output on dairy, sheep and beef farms.

Farmers often rely on a team of trusted advisors to help them make the right decisions for their business. This can include business consultants, nutritionists and vets. The team at Oakhill Farm Vets have been working with Lancashire farmers for over 40 years.

Based at Goosnargh, Preston, the practice covers an area from Garstang through to Blackburn and now Clitheroe. The 9 farm vets provide 24/7 cover to over 400 farms, with 2 vets on call at all times in order to deal with all emergencies quickly.

As the business has expanded from 4 vets in 2010 to 9 vets in 2017 the practice area has also grown. To help clients with medicine collection, Oakhill has partnered with Michael Hoyle & Co at Clitheroe auction. Medicines dispensed from Oakhill at Goosnargh will be available for collection the same day in Clitheroe through Michael Hoyle.

Oakhill Farm Vets have also developed the highly successful Red Rose Dairy & Sheep Discussion Groups. This has helped farmers and vets to discuss topical animal health issues with leading industry experts. Watch out for the Clitheroe Red Rose meetings this winter.

Oakhill Farm Vets can be contacted on 01772 861300.