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New product – Eprinex Multi

New product – Eprinex Multi is a pour on wormer for beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats.

Eprinex® Multi 5mg/ml Pour-on for Beef and Dairy Cattle, Sheep and Goats – the first licensed zero-milk-withdrawal pour-on wormer to be made available to sheep and goat dairy producers, and allows dairy animals to be treated at the optimal time without the risk of lost milk.

Eprinex Multi contains eprinomectin and is effective against the adult stages of the major gutworm species affecting sheep and goats, and the lungworm Dictyocaulus filaria. Recent research has shown that treatment can also overcome the productivity impact of a parasite burden, with dairy ewes showing a significant increase in milk yield following treatment with Eprinex Multi compared to untreated animals.

The productivity impact of parasites is well characterised in both species; a study which looked at interactions between nutrition and gastrointestinal parasites in French dairy goats concluded that subclinical parasite infections induced a persistent decrease in milk yield, ranging from 2.5 to 10%. These studies highlight the production benefits of an effective worm control program.

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