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Liver fluke lancashire farm

Liver Fluke

adult flukes treatmentThe NADIS liver fluke forecast for the end of 2017 held true with many flocks in Lancashire being exposed to a heavy burden of fluke.

Both acute fluke and sub- acute fluke were prevalent so treatments administered were targeting immature fluke. The products used were either triclabendazole and/or closantel and/or nitroxanil depending on the flocks’ history. While these products are very effective, repeated use will inevitably increase the risk of resistance, to the active ingredient.

To limit resistance, other flukicidal products should be considered, now that the main risk period is coming to an end. Paddocks grazed over the autumn and winter will now carry a much lower burden of the infective metacercariae so treatments can be targeted at the adult flukes (Chronic fluke) that have survived. Targeting the adult fluke at this time of year will reduce the number of fluke eggs shed onto pasture before the mud snails become active.

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