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Clostridial disease protection

Clostridial disease protection


Vaccinating ewes with Heptavac P Plus 4-6 weeks pre-lambing is the best way to protect them and their lambs against the 7 most common clostridial diseases: lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus, braxy, blackleg, black disease, and clostridial metritis.

Up to 12 weeks passive immunity against clostridial disease is expected in lambs who have received sufficient colostrum from fully vaccinated ewes. The vaccine also provides 4 weeks passive immunity against pasturellosis in lambs.

It is important to ensure that the nutritional status of ewes is optimal at the time of vaccination and that they are vaccinated at the correct time with respect to lambing. They should be gathered carefully to negate the chances of metabolic disease and abortion which may be brough on by stressful handling. Care should be taken when injecting to ensure that the vaccine is delivered into clean skin using clean needles. All breeding ewes not previously vaccinated with Heptavac P should receive 2 doses of 2ml, 4-6 weeks apart, with annual boosters thereafter. Boosters are ideally given 4-6 weeks pre-lambing to boost colostral levels of immunoglobulin.

Lambs can be vaccinated from 3 weeks of age with either Heptavac P Plus or Ovivac to provide ongoing protection against clostridial disease and pasturellosis. Lambs must receive a primary course of 2 doses, 4-6 weeks apart.