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Bovine Ischaemic Teat Necrosis

Bovine Ischaemic Teat Necrosis

This is a disease that has emerged in the UK over the last 5 years affecting the skin around the base teat but often extending down the teat and onto the udder.

The lesions tend to be irritable causing the cow to lick the affected teats and in severe cases remove them. Currently very little isknown about the disease but due to the increase in cases recently the cause is thought to be infectious. Currently there are no known effective treatments with severely affected animals often culled. Other diseases affecting the teats can be mistaken for Bovine ITN but the lesions don’t tend to be as irritant to the cow.

AHDB Dairy are currently running a project in conjunction with Liverpool University to learn more about the disease and how to control it. If you suspect you have any cases on your farm please get in touch with us.


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