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Abortion rate from your flock

As the lambing season for most has finished and the focus no doubt moves to growing lambs it is worth just taking 5 minutes to think back to lambing and your flock abortion rate.

Ideally you would want a target of below 2% of the flock either barren or had an abortion. Anything more than this could be due to infectious cause and should be investigated to prevent the same again in future years.

Abortions are costly – recent estimates suggest each case costs £85 per ewe


Infectious abortion is common in sheep and 70% of these abortions are associated with 3 infectious agents – Toxoplasmo, Chlamydophila/Enzootic abortion and Campylobacter. We have diagnosed all 3 agents in multiple abortion outbreaks this spring.

Vaccination is advised in flocks with a history of disease and also in those flocks buying in breeding females.

Subsidised lab testing is currently available to help us determine if your flock has been exposed to Toxoplasmo or Enzootic Abortion.

Please contact the practice to discuss the best option for you in terms of testing and vaccination.

For those who use Toxovax and Enzovax please remember to place your order in good time as these products are short dated and are put on a special order.




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