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No deal Brexit

No Deal Brexit

Exporting animals and animal products in a no-deal Brexit…

In the event of a no deal Brexit all export to the EU will require Export health certificate (EHC), which will need applying for in advance. Export health certificate can be found on the website:

Goods may require checks at border inspection posts (BIP), which are currently being built in preparation for leaving the EU. If your product is required to go through a BIP it will occur at the first EU country it enters. You will have to ensure the BIP can accept your product type and that your EU based import agents has notified them (through the EU’s Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES)) when your consignment is arriving (verifying with the BIP, beforehand, how much notification they will require). Check the list of existing EU BIPs, and the products they accept, as your trade route may need redirecting.

If your product isn’t required to go through a BIP, ensure your EU based import agent notifies the competent authority of the EU state of the products destination and the EU port/airport, within the time limits set out by the competent authority.

For exporting to the EU you will have to comply with wider HMRC guidance on custom requirements:

  • Your business needs a EORI (economic operator registration and identification) number that starts with GB
  • You need to check your imported has an EU EORI number. If you are exporting to your own business within the EU you will need to get an EU EORI number from customs authority in any EU country.
  • Decide who will make the export declaration (will you do it yourself or hire someone – this will involve submitting a customs declaration
  • Decide if you want to export your goods using transit, you may be able to use common transit convention to simplify how your goods pass-through customs and when your importer pays customs duties.
  • Check the rate of tax and duty for your goods
  • Check what you need to do for the type of goods you export
  • Find out how changes to VAT will affect you
  • Decide who will transport your goods outside the UK

There is unlikely to be any change to exporting products to non-EU countries. However, if the product transit through the EU you will need both an EU transit certificated and EHC for the final destination. You will also need an EU importer who will take responsibility for the consignment while transiting the EU.

The European Commission will vote, before Brexit, whether to list the UK as a third country and allow exports of live animals, POAO (products of animal origin) and ABPs (animal by products).

You will need to be listed as an approved establishment with the EU if you:

  • Export POAO incl. red/white meat, fish/ fish products, dairy or egg products.
  • Some live animals and ABPs direct to the EU
  • Supply other UK establishments that export their goods to the EU

The current list of UK ABPs premises will be accepted in a no deal Brexit.

Documents for transport issued by the UK will only be valid in the UK and NOT in the EU.

If you wish to discuss further, please get in touch with our Export Team.

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