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PPID Risk Increase With Age

ppid horses preston

The risk of developing PPID significantly increases with age. TAL research shows that a horse aged 15-20 is three times more likely to have PPID than a horse under 10. A horse of 20-25 is six times more likely, a horse of 25-30 is 10 times more likely.

ppid horses preston

You can pro-actively identify PPID in your veteran patients by offering a free* annual ACTH test to patients aged 15 and over during the TAL campaign.

Until the 31st October we’re offering FREE CUSHING’S LAB TEST FEE* FOR HORSES

Past ‘Talk about Laminitis’ test results show that you should look out for any of these clinical signs in your horse:

  • Laminitis
  • Abnormal or delayed moulting
  • Muscle wastage
  • Periorbital fat (fat round the eyes)
  • Increased drinking and urinating

To claim your free Cushing’s lab test fee, generate your voucher code at, then call us to make your appointment.

Oakhill blood sampling fee, visit fee and postage still apply. Each voucher is only redeemable against an ACTH blood test where the patient has not previously diagnosed and being treated for PPID and is not valid for repeat testing /case monitoring.

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