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Staff Bio – Louise Perrett

Staff Bio – Louise Perrett

Hi, I’m Louise! I am a 3rd year veterinary nurse student here at Oakhill.

I have trained with Oakhill for 3 years at the Goosnargh Practice. I love my training, the job and everything animal! I always wanted to have a varied and hands-on career whilst also making the world a better place for our pets through treating, nursing and educating.

The advice I would give anyone considering a career as a RVN is simply to go for it, work hard and study hard, it’s worth every bit of effort! Working with animals is so rewarding and I love just how completely innocent they are. Whether they’re small and cute or big and loud, I enjoy bonding with them through treatment and care and helping them get better if they are sick.

I have 2 dogs of my own…Murphy, a 6 year old JackChi who we almost lost to meningitis in July 2019 but nursed back to health and Fergus, a very cheeky little 4 year old Yorkie who is an absolute sweetheart and one of the best dogs I’ve ever met.

If I was to be an animal for the day, I would be a Elephant so I could eat all day and slowly paddle around in pools at my leisure!