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Our Small Animal Team and Services

Our Small Animal Team and Services

Oakhill veterinary centre is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accredited Tier 2 General Practice (https://animalowners.rcvs.org.uk/accredited-practices/about-the-practice-standards-scheme/). Our small animal team is spread across 4 branches in Preston, Goosnargh and Kirkham. We take care of domestic and exotic pets. 

Our 13 vets are dedicated, skilled professionals, working across all small animal species and disciplines. They are committed to keeping up to date with the rapidly changing veterinary field through ongoing training throughout their careers, and all are passionate about animal welfare. 

Many of our vets have further qualifications and expertise in their chosen field. Andrew Moore, based at our Goosnargh branch, is an advanced practioner in exotic pets, and as well as the weird and wonderful creatures he treats, from snakes to parrots, he also carries provides veterinary care for the animals at Blackpool Zoo. 

We also have vets whose areas of special interest are surgery, including more complicated procedures such as orthopaedics and BOAS surgery (to improve breathing in some short-nosed breeds such as French Bulldogs). Lisa Steinhage, one of the vets based at Conway Drive, is a recognised assessor for the Kennel club and University of Cambridge Respiratory Grading Scheme for brachycephalic dogs https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/health/for-breeders/respiratory-function-grading-scheme/. Giles Lambert, also at Conway Drive, has a special interest in imaging and cardiology, and is a very experienced ultrasonographer. As a team, we share valuable knowledge and experience on a daily basis, and may refer cases in-house when appropriate. 

All of our surgeries are well-equipped with digital radiography (X rays), ultrasonography machines, ECG, surgical theatre and preparation areas, and comfortable in-patient facilities. We also have more specialised equipment at certain branches, such as equipment for orthopaedic surgery, dental radiography, and endoscopy (insertion of a medical camera). 

Our fantastic and knowledgeable team of registered veterinary nurses – RVNs (https://www.bvna.org.uk/a-career-in-veterinary-nursing/a-career-in-veterinary-nursing), have a wide range of skills including anaesthetic monitoring, preparation for surgery, caring for in-patients and assisting with diagnostic procedures such as in-house blood or urine analysis. The nurses also run daily consultations, such as weight-loss clinics, puppy checks, nail clips or administering medication. They also run ‘puppy parties’, which are evening classes for those with new puppies, a great opportunity for the puppy to socialise and to ask any questions you may have such as toilet training, behaviour or nutrition. 

Our wonderful reception team provide a friendly welcome across all branches and provide first line help and advice. Their experience and training allows them to triage cases over the phone, referring to the vets and nurses when needed. They handle a diverse range of tasks, but always make time to say hello to our patients and offer a treat. 

The entire small animal team are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service to you and your pet, both when problems arise and also by preventing disease through regular checks, which enable us to pick up early signs of illness, and providing vaccinations and anti-parasite treatments. We also value the importance of education regarding keeping pets healthy, and provide this both in person and via social media, informative newsletters and client talks. We understand that pets are much loved family members, and treat them as such. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!