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Finley and The Sock

Finley and The Sock

Finley, a 15 week old Cocker Spaniel, was brought in to one of our surgeries having reportedly eaten a sock a short while before. Whilst he was otherwise well, it was recommended that we try to get the sock out, since there was a risk it could cause a blockage, particularly considering his small size.

Initially he was given an injection to make him sick in the hope this would enable him to bring the sock back up. Although he did bring up some food from his stomach, there was no sock. A subsequent ultrasound scan confirmed that the sock was still in his stomach so the decision was made to perform gastroscopy. This involved passing an endoscope down into his stomach to try and grab the sock and pull it out. For this Finley would need to be under a general anaesthetic. If it failed the only other option would be surgery.

Once the scope was in Finley’s stomach the sock was clearly visible. It proved to be quite a big sock relative to his size! It was a little tricky to grab and keep hold of it using the tiny forceps attached to the endoscope, but with gentle perseverance the sock slowly made its way back out the same way it went in.

A short while later Finley was awake and wagging his tail again! Check out the video below to watch the sock removal unfold!

Video music: “Uplifting Blockbuster” by Rafael Krux is licensed under CC BY 4.0