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Halloween dangers for pets

Halloween dangers for pets

For us humans Halloween may be a fun, candy-fuelled event but there can be many Halloween dangers for our pets.

Here are some top tips to help keep your pets safe this Halloween.

Door knocking

If you’re a popular stop on your neighbourhood’s trick-or-treating route, the constant knocking and doorbell ringing can really stress out a pet. It’s best to put your pet in a safe haven, such as a back room of the home where the commotion won’t bother them. You might also try placing them in a crate or carrier that’s filled with plenty of toys, interactive feeders, or food puzzles to keep them entertained.

As mentioned above, your door is probably going to be opening and closing quite a bit. This may create opportunities for your pet to escape, so it’s worth ensuring that your pet is microchipped so it can be traced if lost.

Candles and Flames

Ditch the real candles! Pets can easily brush against the open flame resulting in severe and painful burns and possibly even lighting your home on fire. If you want to set the mood for Halloween, opt for the LED variety instead.


Xylitol (E967): Hard candies, gum, and mints are just a few of the many types of products that can contain xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener that is safe for humans but harms thousands of dogs every year.

Chocolate: There’s bound to be chocolate in your home at Halloween but it contains something called theobromine which is poisonous to dogs!
Read more about chocolate toxicity.

Candy Bags/wrappers: Candy bags and wrappers can cause a chocking hazard or obstruction if ingested. Small plastic bags could pose a suffocation risk.

Please keep treats out of the reach of pets! If your pet has ingested any of the above please call your vet immediately.