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Export Information

Export Information

An export health certificate (EHC) signed by an official veterinarian (OV) may be required for the export of meat, dairy and animal by-products from the UK to outside the EU. In the event of a no deal Brexit exports to the EU are likely need a EHC, it is also likely to affect products transiting the EU to other countries.

The EHC confirms the product meets the requirements of that country. In many cases an import certificate from the destination country may also be required. EHC’s are issued by the Centre for International Trade, Carlisle, part of the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

Animal Health have recently released a tool to identify the EHC and gives access to supporting documents to help you identify the requirements for your export. This can be found at https://www.gov.uk/export-health-certificates

If you wish to export a product the first step is to contact the Centre for International Trade to find if the product can be exported to the intended country and what requirements need to be met. Once this has been established and the requirements have been met for the product, a certificate can be applied for and you need to nominate your OV. The certificate is sent to your OV and you will need to arrange a suitable time with them to inspect the product and check any documentation relating to production, processing or product handling. Following a satisfactory inspection the EHC is signed and stamped by the OV and a copy is taken by the OV whilst you retain the original for export.


If you wish to export an food or animal product and would like to discuss your requirements or need help with the application process please contact the product export team at the practice.


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