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Farm events & training courses


We run farm events, training courses and meetings throughout the year. Please find below a list of our events…..

'Responsible Medicines' Course - various dates

Responsible Medicines Course

Our next ‘Responsible Medicines’ courses will be held at Oakhill Farm Vets, Langley Lane, Goosnargh, PR3 2JQ on the following dates… 

– Wednesday 16th October 2019

– Thursday 24th October 2019

All courses start at 12noon (lasting around 2 hours) and include a hot lunch, certificate and medicines use booklet.

£40 + vat per person

Red Tractor AssuranceFrom October 2019 Red Tractor will require at least one person, who is responsible for administering medicines to have undertaken a medicine course and hold a certificate of competence/attendance.

During the course, run by Oakhill Farm Vets, we will cover….

  • Why it’s important to know which medicines to use and why we use them.

  • Different medicines available to us and when to use them.

  • Correct administration.

  • Worries about antibiotic resistance and how to use antibiotics correctly.

  • Off licence use of medicines: withhold times.

  • Red Tractor Assurance changes.

To book your place, please call our Farm Team on 01772 861300 or email farm@oakhill-vets.com

MilkSure Course - 18th September 2019


MilkSure Course

18th September 2019 – 10.30am

Oakhill Farm Vets, Langley Lane, Goosnargh, PR3 2JQ

MilkSure training focuses on creating practices to avoid medicine residues and to help reduce antibiotic resistance.

The course comprises of a classroom based session followed by an on farm discussion of your medicine protocols and specific risks.

This course complies with farm assurance medicines requirements and is suitable for SDDG members.

Online pre-registration is required at www.milksure.co.uk – there is subsidised registration for Arla customers.

£200 + VAT for first delegate (then £40 + VAT pp) – including a hot lunch.


Calf Rearing Workshop - 25th September 2019

Calf Rearing Workshop

Wednesday 25th September 2019 – 12pm

Oakhill Farm Vets, Langley Lane, Goosnargh, PR3 2JQ

The course will run for approximately 2.5 hours and will cover the period from birth to weaning including:

  • Care of the neonatal calf and resuscitation
  • Colostrum feeding and management
  • Milk feeding and diet
  • Prevention and treatment of calf scour and pneumonia
  • Successful weaning
  • Measuring and monitoring performance

£50 + vat per person, including hot lunch.


Sheep Meeting - Performance recording and body condition scoring - Tuesday 1st October 2019

Sheep Meeting: 

Performance recording and body condition scoring.

Tuesday 1st October 2019 – 2-5pm

At Blue Slate Farm, Samlesbury, Preston, PR5 0UX by kind permission of Heather Burns.

Join Oakhill Farm Vets, AHDB and MSD for an afternoon of discussion and workshops focused on getting the most out of your flock when it comes to performance recording and body condition scoring.

We’ll look at the importance of good record keeping for monitoring ewe performance and see if you know ‘what is fat or fit’ in our body condition scoring workshop.

Free event – refreshments included.

Call 01772 861300 or email farm@oakhill-vets.com to book your place.


Tup Testing Day - Thursday 3rd October 2019


Thursday 3rd October 2019

at Oakhill Farm Vets, Langley Lane, Goosnargh, PR3 2JQ

With tupping time approaching it is time to take an important look at your rams. Their performance over a few months of the year will contribute significantly to the profitability of your sheep business over the next 12 months.

Our Tup Testing service includes a general MOT of your ram, followed by fertility testing and analysis of sample. For further information on the MOT and fertility testing, please visit: https://www.oakhill-vets.com/ram-fertility-mot/

Please call our Farm Team on 01772 861300 for details and to book.

Dairy Discussion Group Meeting - Breeding cows fit for purpose - 23rd October 2019

 Red Rose Dairy Discussion Group

Breeding cows fit for purpose.

James Burrow. Tunsteads Farm, Brass Pan Lane, Broughton, Preston PR3 5DE


Genetics play a fundamental role in herd health but are we using them to their full potential? 
Marco Winters (Head of Genetics AHDB) talks us through understanding changes to Bull Proofs and how we can use this to optimise breeding strategy.

Workshops to include the latest in genomic testing in heifers and the genetic decision making behind the multi award winning Stardale herd.

To book your place, please call 01772 861300.

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DIY Artificial Insemination Course - 13th - 15th November 2019

Farmer DIY Artificial Insemination Course

13th- 15th November 2019 + refresher day 18th December 2019

DIY AI can save you time and money by getting your cow inseminated at the right time without the stress of waiting for the technician.

Our DIY AI courses are delivered over four days: 85% of the course time is devoted to hands-on tuition, so that the dexterity skills required have adequate time to be mastered.

All aspects of AI are covered, including: anatomy & physiology, legislation, safe handling of Liquid Nitrogen & semen straws, thawing procedures and the practical AI technique.

Practising the skill is on live cows, on farm. This on-farm environment gives a very relaxed training atmosphere. Assessment of the technique is done by ultrasound examination (cows are inseminated with a viscous liquid which shows up on an ultrasound scanner).

The course consists of 4 days training in total: 13th – 15th November, plus a refresh training day on 18th December.

£430 + VAT per person

To book your place, please call our Farm Team on 01772 861300


To book your place on any of our events or training courses, please call 01772 861300 or email farm@oakhill-vets.com


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