Farm Animals

Our dedicated farm vets currently provide veterinary care for a large number farms across Lancashire. These include large dairy farms, extensive beef herds and sheep flocks, and a number of pig units. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of dedicated farm emergency care for sick and injured stock, but also put great emphasis on routine herd health, preventative medicine and husbandry of stock.

On the farm we encourage herd health, routine visits, and consultancy, with emphasis placed upon some of the following areas:

  • vaccination and disease control strategies
  • welfare and husbandry
  • the importance of biosecurity
  • the use and control of veterinary medicines
  • regular fertility visits and fertility treatments
  • prevention, control, and treatment of mastitis and lameness in bovine and sheep units
  • metabolic profiling and the role of nutrition in the dairy herd
  • identification and effective treatment of sick animals
  • herd health plans
  • management strategies

We also work closely with DEFRA and carry out a number of duties including disease surveillance and identification ie. TB testing, abortion enquiries, and investigation of fallen stock to name but a few.